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Ich kann, weil ich will, was ich muss.


Hi, I'm Aykut Çevik - a software developer living in Berlin, Germany. I turned my passion into my profession and I'm currently employed as a CTO at Roobeo.com.

I also founded a company with ups and downs, worked on several projects with well-known clients and published some OSS. So you can always get in touch with me, if you have some interesting projects.

Besides, I'm managing my friend Serkan, who is a Disk Jockey and can be booked for events around Germany. He is specialized in mixing good tracks with House, Electro and Hip-Hop to ensure the best experience at your event!

This should be all - for now. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with me! Also, you can find me on several social platforms.


Also interpersonal, but not here.


Queues, RESTful, Frameworks


Native Android & Phonegap/Cordova


C# WinForms


HTML, CSS & JavaScript

High Availability

Micro Services, Load Balancing, Failover


Server Administration


Die Bildung kommt nicht vom Lesen, sondern vom Nachdenken über das Gelesene.

Specialized Computer Scientist

Oberstufenzentrum Informations- und Medizintechnik - Graduated

I graduated as a specialized computer scientist with focus on software within 2.5 years, which is internationally acknowledged and realized by the IHK in Berlin.

Business Information Systems (B.Sc.)

Beuth University of Applied Sciences - Graduated

I also studied Business Information Systems and graduated with a Bachelor of Science from the Beuth University of Applied Sciences.


Erfahrung ist der beste Lehrmeister.


Founding, developing, consulting

I have successfully finished several projects on my self-employment and worked on some international projects with well-known clients. I collected widespread experience within this job. Can't get enough!


Developing, planning

As I'm currently employed, I worked as a software developer most of the time. I also worked as an IT consultant in a newly founded embassy school in Turkey, which was a great experience. I have collected many new impressions and I think this has enriched my whole professional life.


Sports, Krav Maga, biking, surfin'

Actually, I wasn't supposed to write something about my hobbies and my freetime. That's why I kept this paragraph short. Just ask.


Feel free.

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Aykut Çevik

Berlin, Germany

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