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Android: Block ads in all apps and while browsing

Blocking ads has various benefits:

  • Safer & faster internet browsing
  • More privacy, it stops ad servers from tracking you
  • Less data usage (data plan lasts longer)
  • Better browsing experience (no popups, no blinking ads, no video-ads …)

How can you make your whole Android system ad-free within a few minutes? Using “DNS Changer – Lilly” and AdGuard DNS!

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“IP Address & Geolocation” version 2.0 released

I’ve published a new version of my browser extension (aka webextension) “IP Address & Geolocation”.

Changelog for version 2:

  • Country flags are now shown as an icon in the toolbar, thanks to @mispp, who has contributed code through GitHub
    • This can be switched back to the default globe icon in options page
  • The extension popup (the small window you get when clicking on the icon in the toolbar) has now an error handling with a retry-function. A snackbar (a notification) will appear when the extension is not able to load any data. In previous versions the progressbar was just running endlessly without any feedback in a case of an error.
  • Images were optimized with the help of optipng.
  • Build script added to create packages for different browsers automatically. WebExtensions were meant to be a cross-browser system for developing extensions but browsers still have different support in case of APIs and metadata files. So the script helps for testing and deploying the extension on different browsers.
  • Removed storage permission for Chrome-like browsers, Firefox still needs it to save the settings. This is a good example for the different behavior of the browsers.
  • Higher contrast for badge with the country code. Now the background is black and the text is white.

Install for your browser:

As of today the extension has over 140000 downloads where the most are from Opera users. One reason for the huge Opera user-base is, that my extension was trending in the “privacy & security” category of Opera’s Add-on store. It is still on page 2 of the most popular extensions. So give it a try.

You can also find the source code on GitHub.

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“IP Address & Geolocation” now with IPv6 support

I’ve released updates for the Android app and the browser extension of my tools named both “IP Address & Geolocation” with a total of over 120000 downloads.

With the new updates you’re now able to see your IPv6 and get also alerts for these when they change.

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DNS Changer Lilly now with IPv6 support

It’s been a while since the last update. The todays update of DNS Changer Lilly comes with IPv6 support. Also a new DNS server is now on the list: Cloudflares – of course with IPv6 too.

Additionally I enhanced some parts of the code. You can find the latest version in PlayStore:

Get it on Google Play

Download APK directly

The services with IPv6 support are noted in the description:


IDN Safe now available for nearly all browsers

“IDN Safe” is a browser extension which blocks internationalized domain names to prevent you from visiting probable fake sites

IDN Safe blocks internationalized domain names also known as punycode domains. This helps you to identify them and will prevent you from visiting probable fake sites.

The use of Unicode in domain names makes it potentially easier to spoof web sites as the visual representation of an IDN string in a web browser may make a spoof site appear indistinguishable to the legitimate site being spoofed, depending on the font used.

With IDN Safe you can temporarily allow domains or whitelist them at all. By default they are blocked.

Get it