AirPlay with iOS 10 and Kodi (only audio)

Since iOS 9 you can’t stream videos or images to Kodi anymore. But you can still stream audio, which works pretty well.

To do so, you have to disable the video/image streaming setting in the Kodi AirPlay settings menu. Some Kodi builds – like mine – does not contain this option in its GUI which is really strange.

To alter this setting you have to stop Kodi and edit a configuration file.

I’m explaining a solution which works for XBian, but with a different path to the config file you should be able to set the setting on your machine too.

1. Stop Kodi

# service xbmc stop

2. Open file

# vim /home/xbian/.kodi/userdata/guisettings.xml

3. Edit following part of the file to


4. And start Kodi again

# service xbmc start

That’s it!

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