Change DNS server on Android without root

I want to introduce you Lilly! Lilly is a DNS changer application for Android, which works without root-access. You can also block ads on your Android device with this!
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Main features:

  • Set a custom DNS server or select one from the list
  • Works on all connection types like mobile, WiFi, ethernet etc.
  • “Connect on boot” feature
  • Pause & continue DNS settings without opening the app
  • Pin security (for e.g. parental control)
  • No root needed

For an ad-blocking setup view this post.

DNS setter for mobile & wifi connections without root
Easily add your own server.
“Start on system boot” feature.

How does it work?
Lilly uses Androids VPN service feature to set a DNS server for all types of connections. There is no routing made through our server, which you can verify with a speed test and checking your IP. You can also check your systems connection settings technically.


You can verify your DNS server with

Get it on Google Playamazon-underground-app-us-black

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