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Change DNS server on Android without root

I want to introduce you Lilly! Lilly is a DNS changer application for Android, which works without root-access. You can also block ads on your Android device with this!
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Main features:

  • Set a custom DNS server or select one from the list
  • Works on all connection types like mobile, WiFi, ethernet etc.
  • “Connect on boot” feature
  • Pause & continue DNS settings without opening the app
  • Pin security (for e.g. parental control)
  • No root needed

For an ad-blocking setup view this post.

DNS setter for mobile & wifi connections without root
Easily add your own server.
“Start on system boot” feature.

How does it work?
Lilly uses Androids VPN service feature to set a DNS server for all types of connections. There is no routing made through our server, which you can verify with a speed test and checking your IP. You can also check your systems connection settings technically.


You can verify your DNS server with

Get it on Google Play

4 replies on “Change DNS server on Android without root”

Hello Frank. Unfortunately it depends on the system and its version. So there is no good way to disable uninstall on every system. I’m sorry that this is not working for you.

Hello Aykut,

I like tour App and thank you for the wonderful app.. We are trying to use custom dns using MDM.. Do you have any configuration XML file that we can use to push update custom DNS?

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