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Firefox ‘IP Geolocator’ extension

I have released the IP Geolocator extension now also for Firefox. You can find it on the Firefox Add-on page.

Please note:
If you are using NoScript or any similiar add-on you have to whitelist following URLs to make IP Geolocator work for you:

  • moz-extension:


About this Add-on

Shows your IP address and also geolocational informations about your IP address.

A badge of your current country is shown on the icon, which will refresh every 3s. So you can easily see, if you have a broken VPN or proxy connection when the country-code changes unexpectedly. Additionally a notification appears on your desktop when your IP address has changed – of course, it can be turned off in settings.

You can also display your position in Google Maps: in the popup as an image like in the screenshot or optionally just as a link to Google Maps.

With the latest update, your user agent is also shown in the entries.

Please feel free to make some requests at github:

The request to the server to obtain your geolocational information is secured at least with TLSv1. Also Perfect Forward Secrecy is enabled. JFYI.

“NoScript”-add-on users need to whitelist following websites:
* moz-extension:

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